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  On my quest to get all the books home that I purchased on my trip to the Northwest, I discovered some relics of my past. Since I needed another suitcase for the flight, but had no use for it … Continue reading

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The final Mascot Monday

It’s here. 12 weeks of the Mascot. School is about to start and although I have gotten a lot of research done (most not posted here) it’s time to shift my main focus back to graduate school and grab any … Continue reading

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The Curse of the Yellow Dress

There are benefits to living in a Catholic city. One is, you are off on Good Friday. A benefit for working at Tulane (in my department) is usually on a holiday weekend we get let out a couple of hours … Continue reading

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Bill & Chris

I have been a Bill Murray fan since I first saw Meatballs. I have even won money betting on Bill Murray quotes (undefeated – ahem). He is genius. But I am going to have to give this one to Chris … Continue reading

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Seattle Summer 2012

Since I am already behind on so many blogs (mainly Chicago trip and bull run) I decided to write my Seattle trip while it is fresh (or fuzzy considering I am operating on about 5 hours of sleep). Here are … Continue reading

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Mascot Mondays #11 of 12: Enlargement

The Mascot debuted on February 18, 1882. Running eight pages, the paper started out 9 ¼ x 12 ¾ inches in size, but on September 2, 1882 it changed to 15″ x 11″, which it remained for almost its entire … Continue reading

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My sister’s garden

Aside from being beautiful, clever, and witty… my sister Wendy is also an incredibly talented gardener. Here are just a few photos from her Northwest garden.

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