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Bullet Points on the Past Couple of Crazy Weeks

  • March 30th – ran the Crescent City Classic. The whole damn thing! And felt GOOD! After only a few weeks of training. The problem is I will have to cease my afternoon runs in the park – evident by my incredible smelliness yesterday after I returned from a run. Can’t do that to my co-workers. Will have to join the gym for the summer… Also had an incredibly wonderful Easter (this really doesn’t have a lot of relevance – was just stoked about running the CCC).
  • On April 9th I was invited by Louisiana Cultural Vistas to go on WWNO for their NPR show “All Things New Orleans.” I went on with Michael Sartisky, President/Executive Director of the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities, and David Johnson, Executive Editor of Louisiana Cultural Vistas. What fun! It was my first time meeting Michael and aside from being a very snazzy dresser he was also very funny and extremely intelligent. I am not quite sure of the air date, but will post when it comes out.
  • On the 10th I met all of the marketing heads (five total) of the Roosevelt Hotel to discuss my idea for celebrating the 80th anniversary of prohibition in New Orleans. They are a go. BIG TIME! I am so excited – and don’t want to reveal too many secrets but it is going to be an amazing event. Lots of panache! Very excited to be working with them – all of them were very nice. Will post more on that in future blogs.
  • The 12th was blast from the past. Old friend from Seattle in town – went out to dinner with him. We had fun devouring pomme frites and mussels. Later that night, reunion with old work friends. Some of these women I had not seen in over ten years. Also fun and a bit wacky. It’s amazing how it seems like it was a million years ago while at the same time seems like only yesterday.
  • On the 13th (also French Quarter Fest) I spent the beautiful spring day indoors from 8AM to 2AM finalizing the edits on the second batch of pages for my book. Grueling on that gorgeous day. The streets I wrote about this time for my book were: Ursuline, Hennessy, Governor Nicholls, John Churchill Chase, Desire, all of the Muses streets, and Oretha Castle Haley. Aside from lack of sleep and pesky things like eating and showering, I have been having so much fun working on my book. A lot of the stories from the street signs are known – but what I am striving to do is not only tell these stories in a fresh perspective but also include facts, tidbits, and anecdotes that are less known and add a unique perspective to the story and history of New Orleans. Fingers crossed.
  • On the 15th, I turned in pages to my editor and interviewed and photographed Alex McMurray for an upcoming article in the New Wave. Very fun talking with Alex – a funny, witty, and talented musician. Since the article is only going to be 300 words, I will post some of the outtakes here – a lot of great quotes and stories from him.
  • On the 17th – it was the release party for the Louisiana Cultural Vistas Magazine. About six friends and I went and had a great time listening to all the presentars. I also met John McCusker, whom I felt I already knew but apparently did not. He gives Jazz History Tours and after commencement some friends and I are signing up to go his tour! Here is a very cool video he sent me.
  • I will be giving a lecture in November at the Mint (date TBA) on the history of prohibition as well as writing another article for Louisiana Cultural Vistas for their fall issue and an entry in KnowLa, an online reference guide to the history and culture of Louisiana, on the history of the Mascot. Woo-hoo! More to come on that later.
  • And there was lots of personal fun stuff in between, and of course more school…
  • And on a side note, had to shoot around cadavers and body parts. Again. Not exactly the most settling thing before shooting George Porter, Jr. But at least my job is never boring.

With finals coming up (and Jazz Fest, and commencement) I am a bit nervous about my schedule. So much to plan. But as always, I’m so grateful to have such good friends who support me. And John Haffner who proofs everything for me so I don’t look like so much of a goofball.

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