Book Cover

Here is the cover to my book! Pretty excited. The whole editing process has been eye opening – so many layers. But my fears were calmed a bit when one of my professors told me that every book has mistakes. Let’s just hope mine is not overrun with typos!

My book comes out March 18th. Book parties and signing to come…

I have been fairly calm about everything (it helps when you have a million other things going on – including graduate school) until a friend told me that she pre-ordered my book from Amazon – and then I slightly panicked. Then it got very real and I started getting nervous about passages I cut, photos I wanted to swap, things I wanted to change…

My goal was to make Hope and New Orleans intelligent, accessible, and entertaining. I wanted to tell stories that people who were not familiar the city with could enjoy, but also add some flavor and find facts, anecdotes, new perspectives for those who were familiar with some of the classic New Orleans stories. I hope I succeeded.

If you want to pre-order, here is the AMAZON LINK!

deep breaths… deep breaths… deep breaths.


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