Thank you

My first historical lecture is over and I have many people to thank. The Cabildo said that it was the largest gathering they ever had, and some people in the back were even standing. I have many people to thank for that.

First – thank you to all of my friends who came out in support. It means a great deal to me. While I was touched by many friends who came out, I was also surprised to find that I did not know most of the audience. I am sure that this is the result of marketing from many people.

Thank you Arthur Smith of The Cabildo for helping get the word out.  Thank you Scott Frilot for your fantastic postcard design.  Thank you to John Haffner for dropping off said postcards to over a dozen different spots.  Thank you Ashley Perkins of Tulane Alumni Relations for sending out the event to their alumni.  Thank you George Ingmire for letting me and Andrew Ward come on your fabulous show on WWOZ.  Thank you to my amazing amazing “guest stars” for their cross promotion.  Speaking of my talented guest stars, here is a little something about them…


My talented readers

Andrew Ward: Andrew is one of the founders and president of the board of the International High School of New Orleans, Louisiana’s only public high school that offers a full college preparatory curriculum with a focus on international business studies as well as immersion classes in French and Spanish. He works as a guide with Haunted History Tours, is an ordained minister, and is an announcer and emcee for such events as Freret Market, the Running of the Bulls in New Orleans, and the St. Andrew’s Day Festival. He is currently pursuing a doctorate at Tulane University’s Payson Center for International Development and working with Tom Larson on an album of traditional gospel, bluegrass and New Orleans-style songs translated into Urdu.

Veronica Russell: Veronica is an actress and costume designer. She graduated with a BFA in theater from Stephen F. Austin State University. She wrote and acted in her one-woman theatrical adaptation of “A Different Woman: a True Story of A Texas Childhood,” the widely-banned 1925 memoir of Texas schoolteacher Gertrude Beasley. She toured Canada last year to rave reviews. Veronica won a 2012 Big Easy Award for Best Costume Design for her work in The Boys in the Band. She is also a member of Louisiana History Alive where she wows not only with her dead-on impression of notorious madam Josie Arlington, but also with her twenty-inch waist.  You can check out some of her amazing designs HERE.

Trixe Minx: Trixie produces and stars in two New Orleans-based shows: Fleur de Tease Burlesque and Burlesque Ballroom, a weekly event every Friday at the Royal Sonesta Hotel. Trixie is also a member of the New Orleans Bingo! Show. Known for her comic inspired strip tease, she has toured with Comic Relief and recently was named to the HEEB Top 100 for outstanding comedy.

And I also would like to thank:

The Mint: Greg Lambousy for his help with my lecture and connecting me with the Cabildo.

The Cabildo:  Turry Flucker & Arthur Smith for their help in marketing and promotion.

Tulane UniversityJoel Dinerstein, who first let me do a project on the Mascot and helped me shape my original narrative. Barry Ahearn, who still lets me come by his office and bend his ear. Judith Schaffer, Lee Miller and Sean Benjamin from the Louisiana Research Collection who always graciously pull books, manuscripts, and magazines for me. Wes Lucas from the microfilm room who always lets me be chatty or work silently. Ashley Perkins in alumni affairs for helping promote and for always being my style barometer. Kimberly Glorioso from the Law Library who helps me research hundred-year-old cases.  Sheldon Jones in tech services for loaning me equipment and always helping with my computer needs. Richard Campanella who is always generous with his knowledge.

New Orleans Public Library: Irene Wainwright who pulls case files, mugshots, and documents for me.

Friends: Chris Wiltz, an excellent writer who has been my friend and mentor for years. Lori Tipton and Andy Overslaugh for their enthusiasm and hosting at Flanagans. Scott Frilot for his creative generosity and excellent postcard design. Bill Asher for designing my program. Glenn May who goes uncredited for so many things but never should. John Haffner who always lends a hand for whatever I need and helps make things possible. And especially Kathryn Hobgood Ray who was the inspiration for me giving my lecture and who is one of my favorite individuals on the planet.

Plus….thank YOU, reader, and thanks to all who came to my lecture.  Stay tuned for more!

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2 Responses to Thank you

  1. Trixie says:

    It was absolutely fascinating, and we can’t wait for the book.

  2. Cyd Casados says:

    Congratulations Sally! So exciting. Can’t wait for the book as well!

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