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Walking Krewes of New Orleans

Last week I was strolling on the Tulane campus, trying to capture students returning for the semester when my mind drifted to Mardi Gras (as it often does). I thought about all my fabulous creative friends who participate in Carnival … Continue reading

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Mardi Gras 1939

Sorry for all the skipping around. This week I have written about (in this order) news reports of Mardi Gras in New Orleans in 1838, 1837, and now 1839. It appears that Mardi Gras started out with a bit of … Continue reading

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Cabinet anyone?

Knocked off one resolution. Tore up my master bathroom and installed a new sink and basin, medicine cabinet, and lights. Unfortunately, the new medicine cabinet a bit too small, so I will have to replace it in a little bit. … Continue reading

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The “First” Mardi Gras Parade in New Orleans

I have read various articles that state that the first Mardi Gras walking “parade” was in 1837. Arthur Hardy stated that the parade consisted of “walking revelers.” But after a quick internet skim, I could not find a date, nor … Continue reading

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Mardi Gras 1838

In honor of Carnival season, here is a little article about Mardi Gras in 1838. Mardi Gras Yesterday was a jolly time in our city. The grand cavalcade which passed through the principal streets were an enteratining sight – being … Continue reading

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Tulane Talk

Last month I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Scott Cowen, the president of Tulane University, gave me and my art a shout-out in his weekly email “Tulane Talk.” The email goes out to faculty, students, staff, parents, alumni and … Continue reading

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Book List 2012

Good reading list for 2012. Lots of variety and I learned a lot. Fun to look back and see which ones were for school, pleasure, and my own research (42% were for school!) 1. The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins … Continue reading

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The New Orleans Jitterbug

If New Orleans is not fully in the mainstream of culture, neither is it fully in the mainstream of time. Lacking a well-defined present, it lives somewhere between its past and its future, as if uncertain whether to advance or … Continue reading

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It’s always amazing the things I find when I am doing other research. Much has been written about voodoo in New Orleans, whether through books or scholarly articles. In my first lecture on the Mascot I had Veronica Russell read … Continue reading

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Clean Slate

It’s a new year, and for me that means more lists and more goals. I don’t like to call them “resolutions” – that word implies intentions – and it always reminds me of the famous quote, “The road to hell … Continue reading

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