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Getting Ready for “The Show”

I am almost ready for my April show at Whole Foods. All that is left is the technical stuff: shooting and signing work, writing artist statement and price list, updating website, etc. I have spent the last five weeks preparing … Continue reading

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For Sale…

I have read many books about slavery, watched documentaries, studied various legal documents, but there is something that really hits home to actually see the advertisements in the newspapers for selling, desiring, or offering rewards for the purchase or obtainment … Continue reading

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Be Brave & Shave

As I have mentioned before, St. Baldrick’s is one of my favorite organizations. I look forward to shooting their event for Tulane every year. It’s not just the mission of the organization that I respond to – raising money that … Continue reading

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Back in the Draw

Partially torn rotator cuff right shoulder: Healed. Partially torn rotator cuff left shoulder: Pretty much healed. Completely blown-out left wrist that weathered 8 casts in 5 months and one painful surgery: Still healing. Six-year old compound Bow with 25 lb … Continue reading

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Mourning the Kaboom

The last few weeks, I have been searching the local used bookstores for Louisiana history books. Since the loss of Kaboom Books after the storm (my favorite used bookstore, which was run by the most intelligent and well-informed man I … Continue reading

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My Next Chapter…

I am almost finished with Chapter Two on my book about the Mascot, so I am working on my next one – could be Chapter Six, perhaps? Decided I am going to go non-linear on this. This is a brief … Continue reading

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Awesome Gift!

I love thoughtful gifts and I love handmade gifts – so when I get one that encompasses both – hurrah! My friend Shane bought this vintage camera (I love old cameras and collect them) and made it into a clock … Continue reading

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I Have A Red Bullwhip

Making connections, putting the puzzle pieces of history together only using primary sources… It’s a whole new kind of satisfaction. The deeper I dig in my research on the Mascot, the lower and more frequently my jaw drops. And with … Continue reading

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