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Eugene F. Bunch

Love all the comments about Bunch and Hobgood. Here are a few snippets I found out about Eugene Bunch’s personal life. “Eugene F. Bunch, who robbed the express car on the Northeastern railroad, on Saturday morning, November 3. Of about … Continue reading

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Mascot Mondays #5 of 12: Friends in the Mascot Part One

One of the great things about my research involving the Mascot is that I have discovered friends’ relatives immortalized in their pages. Two I have confirmed and two I am waiting to confirm (they need to check their family tree). … Continue reading

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WWOZ & Running of the Bulls

WWOZ has an interview about the NOLA BULLS and used some of my photographs to accompany their feature. You can view the photos and listen to the interview HERE. You can also view my flickr pages from the 2011 Bull … Continue reading

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Mascot Mondays 4 of 12: The “Mascot” in Mobile

This small article may seem slightly insignificant, but it shows that the “Mascot” was also distributed in Mobile, AL. This is HUGE news and means HUGE work for me. How did it get there? Where else was it distributed? And … Continue reading

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Book & Food Week One and Two

In the past couple of weeks, I completed four books. To be fair, I had a pretty good start on two of them. Sadly, this will not be a reoccuring experience. I wanted to write about them last week, but … Continue reading

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A big box of spindles I bought this weekend at a junk store (in the pouring rain) on St. Claude Avenue that I hope to turn into something wonderful. Stay tuned!  

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Mascot Monday 3 of 12: Racism?

At my lecture someone in the audience asked me about racism in the Mascot. I told them that, yes, unfortunately it existed. It’s difficult when there are so many other aspects of the Mascot that I admire. But I also stated … Continue reading

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A few months ago I was at Ricca’s looking for spare wood to make frames out of when I spotted a sign hanging from the rafters. It was in a corner of the store, high up, with scrap wood surrounding … Continue reading

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My YouTube

I have a YouTube channel. Yes, it is true. Click HERE to see videos of my lecture, Slack Adjustor,  Bernadette Shakey, the Tomatoes, and the Valparaiso Men’s Chorus. Some good, some so-so. More to come. Slices of consequence.

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Mascot Mondays 2 of 12: Bicycles!

Okay, I am in a hotel bar in Chicago. I slept five hours two nights ago, and four hours on a train last night. Spent about 8 hours hanging around Chicago today. I am on the brink of exhaustion and … Continue reading

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