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Lucky Girl

This picture reminds me on how lucky I am to not only be doing what I want, but that I am surrounded by others who are so supportive. That means everything to me!

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Art for Art’s Sake

Yes, every year I complain about the crowds, but every year I go. I can’t help it. It’s a good time – perfect opportunity to people watch, view art, hang with friends, and enjoy cheap wine from plastic glasses. Art … Continue reading

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Bringing the Dread

I am beginning to get the sense that when I approach the same brilliant librarians all over the city, upon seeing me with my arms full of papers and books and a look of confused determination, their chests tighten, their … Continue reading

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Auction for MS – No Bull!

So my dear friend and all-around lovely person Scott Galante is once again participating in Bike MS, a two-day, 150-mile ride that raises money to help find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis.  This week, Scott (along with one of my … Continue reading

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When Dear Abby Gets It Wrong: Straight Talk From Fannie & Django

The Debut of a New Column! Dear Abby, while she may be one of our beloved American icons for delivering advice to the lovelorn, the bemused, and the sometimes demented, it doesn’t mean she is always correct. Here to offer … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday BERG

Five years ago today, the Big Easy Rollergirls had its first bout. This happened before roller derby was featured in commercials, and on the news, and in everyday vernacular. This came after two years of hard work and a year after … Continue reading

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Shooting Tomatoes

Shooting the New Orleans band The Tomatoes is something I always enjoy. Good music aside, they always supply a contagious energy that translates easily into great photographs (it’s there – it’s just up to me to try and capture it). … Continue reading

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Photographers – Know Your Rights

To quote a song from one of my favorite bands – the Clash Know your rights; These are your rights. Below is an excellent article by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) on photographers’ rights: Your rights as a photographer: … Continue reading

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Keeping with the duel theme

These are test shots for pictures I will be setting up later this week. New Orleans never ceases to amaze me with its constant sources of inspiration.

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I stand corrected

Oddly enough, searching for more information on slaughterhouses – I discovered this little nugget of history in New Orleans: A Pictorial History by Leonard V. Huber. “Fights involving bulls, bears, tigers, and dogs were held in New Orleans as early as … Continue reading

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