The “Heretic” Andrew Jackson

I found many versions of this story but this one was my favorite on how the Catholic church was not allowed to say prayers for Andrew Jackson’s soul.

ROMANISM AND GEN. JACKSON. – The Roman Catholic bishop of New Orleans has refused the use of the cathedral in that city for the funeral ceremonies of the Ex-President, simply because he was a heretic – a protestant – not allowing mass to be said for the repose of his soul. It is a pleasant reflection, that the dust of the old General will sleep none the less quietly for the impotent expression of Roman malice. The gallantry of Jackson once saved the same cathedral from the spoiler’s hand, and preserved it unharmed for the use of the Catholic church; and the ingratitude and baseness of this requital of his heroism is none the less worthy of notice for the reason that his present condition is unaffected by it. It is the spirit of Romanism to which we would turn the thoughts of our readers – a spirit that would not pluck a soul from everlasting burnings had it the power it claims, solely because the soul while living among men, bowed not the knee to the pope of Rome, and an indefinite number of canonized sinners!

The Boston Recorder; July 17, 1845

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