My First Book Signing

My first lecture and book signing for my new book Hope and New Orleans: A History of Crescent City Street Names is this Wednesday, March 26th at Garden District Book Shop, 2727 Prytania Street from 6 to 7:30pm.

I will have also have some of my photographs from the book available for sale too!

A nice mention in the Times-Picayune. Thank you, Laurie Orgeron, for sending me the photo.


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One Response to My First Book Signing

  1. William kohlmann says:

    I have very much enjoyed your book hope and New Orleans. You answered my question on what was the correct spelling of Zimpel but created another. I grew up on Eleonore st but a few years ago I noticed it was spelled differently at the corner of Tchoupitoulas. I believe most street signs are Eleonore but your book had Eleanore if I remember correctly. Which one is correct?

    Other questions if you know the answers would interest me but don’t spend a lot of time researching. There is a Delorde st that runs for a block or two off Palmer towards Loyola University. Is that the same one that became Howard ave?

    Also do you know any of the history of Bellaire , MAryland, Fairway and the cross streets amongst them off Metairie Road in Orleans parish? There area few neighbors here that do have some of the history if interested I can get you their names but I do not know them personally.

    Now that you have done a great job with the street history, can you get the potholes fixed? Just kidding.

    Thank you and I enjoyed meeting you at Costco.

    Ps another interesting subject might be the history of some of the houses and buildings in Nola. A lot of old markets are now houses and who lived in the houses at one time might be interesting

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