Maple Street Book Shop Signing

On Thursday, April 24th from 6:00pm to 7:30pm, I will be doing a lecture and book signing at Maple Street Book Shop at 7529 Maple Street.

I like to craft each lecture around a specific subject and this one will be on the streets surrounding Maple Street.

Learn about the first mayor of Carrollton, who also patented venetian blinds in 1841; another mayor who attempted to squash the tradition of charivari; the man who named streets after politicians he admired and how the city held a mass day of mourning for three of them (despite the fact one died years earlier); why Lowerline is in no way lower; which city surveyor’s own name is frequently misspelled in the nomenclature; and the general who arrived by flatboat to help Andrew Jackson in the Battle of New Orleans in 1815!

Hope to see y’all out!

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