WWOZ Interview

I recorded my WWOZ interview from October 9, 2012. Veronica Russell and I were on T.R. Johnson’s show “Jazz from the Marketplace.”

T.R. was great! Great questions, very engaging. It’s funny, I have heard about T.R. many times and seen his name but our paths have never crossed and we have never officially met. He is an associate professor of English at Tulane – and I never took a class with him. Now I wish I had!

That day was one of the craziest, most adrenaline-pumped days in recent memory. It was coming off of weeks of non-stop work. The weekend before I kinda camped out in my office. Up at 7 and in bed at midnight – non-stop homework and lecture prep, with occasional trips to the studio. Basically, 5 out of the last 7 weeks I’ve worked 6 days in a row. Which has been an ordeal with grad school and trying to prepare for the lecture. And a lot of important social engagements. Everything has to be scheduled and budgeted to the minute. Want to go to a friend’s birthday dinner on a Thursday? Then I have to figure out how to squeeze three more hours of homework in during the rest of the week. I live to plan, but I also live to come home, lie in the hammock, spontaneously decide to meet a friend for a drink, go to a movie, sit on the bayou… I need that.

Tuesday: Up in the morning for physical therapy. Driving to work from therapy, the Times Picayune called me and said they needed a photo of me for an interview I gave them last week. I am a photographer, so of course I have no photographs of me. Some quick texts to friends to try and arrange something.

Straight to campus to do 3 back-to-back shoots. One, which needed to be turned around immediately.

Pick up video camera from tech services.

Back to office where the other TU photographer takes a picture of me.

NOLA Defender calls and wants an interview. I am trying to talk and edit photos for work and type in edits of my paper that is due that afternoon for class.  Send TP picture.

Race to class, turn in paper. Talk about Haiti. Bolt from class.

Pick up Veronica. Race to WWOZ. Do interview.

The second we finished and left the building at 7PM, I did a minor swoon and it hit me that I had not eaten all day. For a second, I was not even sure I could make it back to the car. It was like all of the adrenaline just zapped out of me. It felt like it oozed out of me onto the pavement and evaporated.

Dropped Veronica off, and made my home for dinner and later-night lecture prep.

So, here it is – my WWOZ interview – 10.9.12¬†with much (probably unnecessary) explanation attached… Hence some of my flubs!

Thanks Veronica Russell, Joel Dinerstein, and T.R. Johnson.

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