Some photos from the Mint lecture

Here are some photos from my October 10, 2012 lecture.

Reception: Lovely man serving the rum saved me a glass for later!

Some friends from Tulane.


Two of my favorite boys: John and Louis!

Before each burlesque show Trixie and her dancers do a cheer. Since I blanked on what to lead my readers into battle with, we borrowed hers. "Go Cootchie!"

Katie Harrison introducing me - right about the time I discovered my tech suddenly failed.

Veronica Russell reading.

Trixie Minx reading.

I can only pick out Lacy, George, and Kelly.

Talking about the Mascot.

Speaking with some of the audience members after the show.

Me and my awesome buddy Scott Frilot.


Thank you, John Haffner for the photos.

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