1920 Mardi Gras

What a crazy and busy year! So much to catch up on.

Anyway, here is a mini documentary on Mardi Gras 1920 that I did for the local PBS station, WYES. It focuses on General John Joseph “Black Jack” Pershing’s visit to New Orleans during the first “dry” Mardi Gras.

Pershing WYES-2

It debuted at the 2016 Rex Ball.

Many thanks to Peggy Scott Laborde, who co-produced it with me and encouraged me to be more perky.

Thank you to the very talented and amazing Larry Roussarie who helped me edit it.

Thank you to Terrence Fitzmorris, associate dean of the Tulane School of Continuing Studies for agreeing to be interviewed.

Thank you to the talented Will Burdette, Kerry Cahill and Dane Rhodes for lending their fabulous vocals.

Thank you to the patient camera man Paul Combel

Archival Acknowledgements: Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, Tulane University; University Archives, Tulane University; Historic Collection of New Orleans.

Special Thanks to: Sean Benjamin, Ann Case, Scott Frilot, John Haffner, and Lee Miller.

Here it is: General John Pershing Visits Mardi Gras.




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