It’s Carnival Time!

It’s Mardi Gras Time again. And that means that my house is an explosion of glitter, glue guns, beads, feather and general disarray. No matter how far I plan in advance, it’s always a last-minute scramble. Every year I vow to start earlier, but it never quite seems to happen.

I am skating in Muses again this year. I really appreciate that the Big Easy Rollergirls allow their retired skaters to participate. I did not have time to light myself up again this year, and I am slightly recycling a costume from the past (damn, graduate school seriously cuts into my crafting). As usual, I will be skating, taking photos, filming, and handing out over 200 handmade throws. This year I forgot to order official BERG beads, so I will hopefully trade some with friends.

Cast-acrylic skates and BERG logos

I will also be handing out cast acrylic ornaments of the BERG logo and roller skates that have been attached to be beads, as well as handing out decorated wheels, spears, and flowers.

Big Easy Rollergirls in Muses 2011

I also have something new to debut this year – limited-edition buttons and magnets. I made special buttons for all of the derby girls, and the rest get handed out with beads. To keep with the secretive Muses tradition, they will not be revealed until the start of the parade. Give me a shout on Muses and get a little something special!

A sneak peek

I have not started my official Mardi Gras day costume yet – but let’s say I will be spinning! Let’s hope it translates on my flesh as well as it does in my head. Friday night is my recovery from Muses as well as my costume-making date with my friend who will be my evil twin this year. Bwahahahah.

I have a feeling that this year is going to be spectacular. Here’s hoping I can balance debauchery, concerts, parades, work, scholarly research, parties, and costume design in a semi-orderly package. Or just a package…

Safe but not-too-sane revelry!


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